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The Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) is in the process of putting up a new ultra-modern office complex in the north campus of the University of Cape Coast.

Plate/ Figure…. shows a three-dimensional presentation of the proposed ACECoR Building.

The building will be equipped with five lecture rooms, three of which will be smart lecture rooms, conference rooms, laboratories, offices, board room, simulation room and other important facilities. NB: Provide the three-dimensional images of the ACECoR Building

The following are some of the facilities that the Centre currently is using for its activities:

Fisheries and Coastal Research Laboratory
Centre Facility
  • First Flour College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Building, Science, Cape Coast
The Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Facilities
Centre Facility
  • DFAS
  • Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, Third Flour CANS Building, Science
Field Equipment
Centre Facility
Centre Facility
Computer Laboratory
Centre Facility
Centre Facility


There are various types of decent accommodations for students and visiting professionals to the University.

Students’ Accommodation
Centre Facility
  • Students’ accommodations include the Superannuation Hall, the SSNIT Hostel and other traditional halls.
Guest Houses for visiting Lecturers
  • There are a number of guest houses located in the University which can booked for visiting lecturers and other professionals to the University.