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Why apply at the ACECoR

About Us

Why apply at the ACECoR

The Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) provides an enabling environment for both students and faculty as well as researchers from all over the continent and beyond to work assiduously at reversing the rapid degradation of coastal and marine environments occurring in Africa. Though very young, the Centre has multi-national and multi-cultural student community drawn from eight African countries including Ghana. Currently, 32% of the Centre’s students are from other countries in Africa. ACECoR endeavour to let students feel at home while pursuing rigorous academic work. The staff and students of the Centre have a strong bond of relationship, with a great sense of community and shared purpose.

Academic Excellence

There is a high commitment to the achievement of excellence and this is underlain by hard work, strong will, dedication and respect for authority. Students with these tenets find it easy to cope with the academic rigour at the Centre.  Again, staff and students are motivated by the strong desire to reduce coastal degradation in the sub-region. The Centre, therefore, aims at being the best and always work to be the best through high academic standards and quality research outputs.

Multidisciplinary nature

The Centre is multi-disciplinary in outlook and for that matter works with various academic departments in the University of Cape Coast and other Universities in Ghana and West Africa. These departments are from natural sciences, social sciences and business backgrounds. With a wide variety of courses and internship programmes, students are billed to graduate with the best skills in resolving coastal environmental degradation in the sub-region.


Our physical and virtual academic facilities provide great motivation for students to work hard. The Centre has smart classrooms that provide great learning experience through enabling expert faculties outside Ghana to teach modules using online facilities. ACECoR has a state-of-the-art fisheries and environmental laboratory which is on the verge of receiving an International Standard Organization (ISO) certification. The Centre also has an online database, FishComGhanawhich is a one-stop hub for data and other useful electronic resources on fisheries and coastal environment. This provides easy and quick access to information to strengthen research. These and many other resources motivate students to pursue excellence.

Our Partners

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