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Call for Applications - Small Grants for the Assessment of Ecosystem-Based Livelihoods on Biodiversity of the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) in Ghana

The Centre for Coastal Management of the University of Cape Coast as part of its objectives to promote research and contribute to knowledge towards addressing issues such as coastal degradation, natural resource exploitation and biodiversity loss within the West African sub-region, intends to use part of its funding allocation to support two (2) MPhil students research.


The Centre will cover STIPEND ONLY of the selected students for a period of six (6) months.



All applicants must be:

  • Registered MPhil students of the Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) at the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of the University of Cape Coast.


  1. A Cover Letter (max. 1 page)
  2. A short proposal (max. 3 pages without references) with the following elements:
    1. Title
    2. Background
    3. Objectives
    4. Relevance
    5. Methodology
    6. Expected outcomes
    7. Work plan (timeframe for project must not exceed 12 months)
    8. References
  3. A 2-page Curriculum vitae

Expected Project Outputs:

  1. MPhil Thesis
  2. Evidence of submission of manuscript for publication (under review)  

Brief Background and Proposed Areas

Assessment of Ecosystem-Based Livelihoods on Biodiversity of the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) in Ghana – funded by Global Development Network

The Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) is a hotspot of biodiversity ranging from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, water birds, fish, mangroves and other vegetation, etc. The site serves as a source of livelihood for communities in the area. However, improper extraction of natural resources within the KLCRS has resulted in degradation and destruction of biodiversity. There is therefore a growing concern regarding the sustainability of the KLCRS as a wetland environment supporting widespread biodiversity. This project will analyse the state of biodiversity in the KLCRS, the potential interventions that could reduce the pressures on biodiversity and optimization of the functioning of the socio-ecological system. The study will also drive research towards the development of a working model for an ecosystem-based livelihood framework for the area. The project will support two MPhil (2) students in any of the following areas:

  1. Assessment of the state of biodiversity within the KLCRS.
  2. Investigation of livelihood activities and their impacts on biodiversity within the KLCRS.

Deadline for Application: CoB Friday 13th August, 2021.

All applications must be addressed to the Director, CCM/ACECoR on or before the deadline via email: All applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee of the Centre.


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