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Juliet Ama Mawusi Edekor

Juliet Ama Mawusi Edekor


MPhil Fisheries Science

2019/2020 Academic Year

Juliet Ama Mawusi Edekor is a teaching/research assistant at the University of Cape Coast in the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology where she received her undergraduate study specializing in microbiology. Working as a research assistant has made her acquire skills in molecular biology as well as microbiology.

She is a member of the Ghana Science Association where researchers or scientist from different scientific backgrounds all over Ghana come together on a common platform to share ideas. She is here to pursue MPhil Fisheries Science specializing in the area of fish genetics. Her expectations are to be able to apply acquired knowledge from previous studies and work experiences and also learn new and innovative ones.

Her future aspiration is to be based on the research institutions where she can train other people and also conduct research in trending issues affecting society in her area of expertise.

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