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09:00 - 15:00 GMT

Virtual Workshop on Marine Spatial Planning in Africa


About the Workshop

The Centre for Coastal Management of the University of Cape Coast in collaboration with the University of Liverpool is hosting a day's workshop aimed at providing a platform for engagement of key stakeholders involved in marine spatial planning (MSP) in African countries bordering the Atlantic. The workshop will mobilise individuals involved in policy formulation, academia, civil society organizations and other institutions whose work relate to marine protection, coastal environmental governance and planning.



This virtual event seeks to encourage the uptake of MSPs whilst considering the challenges and opportunities. The event is part of UCC's and UL's shared goals of supporting and promoting MSP education towards the establishment of an MSP network in Africa.

In addition to other planned actions, the MSP capacity building is envisaged to ultimately facilitate the successful implementation of marine spatial planning in African countries bordering the Atlantic.


How to Register

The workshop will be virtual and will be hosted via the Zoom Video Conferencing App. Interested individuals should register to join the workshop before the event date. Click on register now below to register for the workshop.




Event Map