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Eric Appiah Krampah

Eric Appiah Krampah


PhD Fisheries Science

2019/2020 Academic Year

I am Eric Appiah Krampah from Ghana. I hold a BSc. and an MPhil in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and Aquaculture respectively, from the University of Cape Coast. I have a strong background in aquaculture, fisheries science, aquatic systems ecology, including research in bivalve ecology and pond productivity.

I have hands-on experience in aquaculture systems management, finfish/shellfish breeding and culture and aquaculture entrepreneurship. I’m currently a PhD (Fisheries Science) candidate at the World Bank African Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resiliences (ACECoR), University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

My thesis research will focus on algal isolation and culture, and larval rearing of the West African Mangrove Oyster, Crassostrea tulipa. Results from my studies are expected to enhance oyster culture and contribute to the sustainable exploitation of this important ecological and fisheries resource along the coast of Ghana.

I look forward to a fruitful and productive stay at ACECoR and the University of Cape Coast, and networking opportunities with collegue Ghanaian and Regional students.

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