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Fred Kwaku Ahiati

Fred Kwaku Ahiati


MPhil Oceanography and Limnology

2019/2020 Academic Year

I am Fred Kwaku Ahiati from Ghana. I had my bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University of Cape Coast. I am a beneficiary of the ACECoR Scholarship Scheme and currently pursuing an MPhil Oceanography and Limnology programme at the Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience, University of Cape Coast.

I am confident that after my postgraduate study, I would gain the required knowledge, expertise and skills within the field of oceanography and limnology which will enable me to also gain the capacity to help my country, Ghana and also the West African Sub-region to achieve an appropriate balance between the conservation and utilization of its marine, coastal and inland fisheries and aquatic resources through integrated research and education.

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