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Belay Hermon

Hermon Ghebreslassie Belay


MPhil Integrated Coastal Zone Management

2019/2020 Academic Year

My name is Belay Hermon and I am MPhil Student in Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Africa Center of Excellence for Coastal Resilience at the University of Cape Coast, College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. I am originally from Eritrea, Southern Red Sea where I attended, College of Marine Science and Technology Massawa for my undergraduate degree.

As an undergraduate, I learned Marine Biology that I had an interest in Coral Reef Ecology and Coastal Degradation Management. My expectation is to gain various knowledge about coastal area managements using GIS as a key tool for the management of Marine Protected Areas. Eritrean reef resources are indeed rich in the 3 distinct zones where coral reefs grow along the 1250 km long Eritrean coastline and more than 350 offshore islands in the central Red Sea.

Each region contains globally important and unique assemblages of species with some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. With distinct species and have very beautiful corals for tourist because the Sea is still pristine. Therefore, Eritrea will become one of the centres for transportation and tourism both for Africa and middle east countries due to this iconic resource.

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