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Kwami Agbetossou

Kwami Agbetossou


MPhil Oceanography and Limnology

2019/2020 Academic Year
My name is Kwami Serge Foga Agbetossou, born in Lomé and I come from Gati, a village of southern Togo. I completed my Secondary Studies at the ‘’Lycée de Tokoin-est’’ in Lomé. I studied General Geography at the University of Lomé in the Department of Geography. I had my Bachelor Degree in Geography in 2018. Just after, I did an internship in Cosmos Architecture and Urban Planning office based in Lome. I speak both English and French. Currently, I am pursuing my Postgraduate studies in Oceanography and Limnology at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. At the end of this training, I am expecting to acquire all the adequate knowledge and skills that will enable me to achieve my ambition of becoming a Geomorphologist-Oceanographer who will help address the challenges of the coastal erosion that the West African countries are experiencing.
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