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Mary Opeyemi Soetan

Mary Opeyemi Soetan


MPhil Fisheries Science

2019/2020 Academic Year

Mary Soetan is a Nigerian. Her background is in Aquaculture and fisheries Management from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Mary is self conceited and a writer who helps young people live a purposeful, productive and profitable life.

This she does through her speaking, training, coaching and writing. She is the visioner of Mary Soetan Initiative which aims at inspiring young people towards leadership and excellence and has impacted vast majority of young people in Nigeria.

She has participated in, volunteered and co-organised conferences. She has edited conference proceedings and published a book contributing to knowledge in fisheries science. She is also a lover of God. Mary's programme of study at ACeCoR in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, is MPhil in Fisheries Science.

She expects to be equipped in order to proffer solutions to challenges in fisheries science and coastal management, and seeks to be a seasoned researcher in my field at the end of her programme of study at ACECoR.

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