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ACECoR Scholarship Student Wins University of British Columbia (UBC) Visiting Scholar Award

The management of ACECoR wishes to congratulate Ms. Fawzia Muhammed Zuka for winning a visiting scholar award from the University of British Columbia (UBC) at the Vancouver Campus in Canada, where Prof. Rashid Sumaila will serve as her host supervisor and mentor. Ms. Zuka was awarded $12,700 CAD as part of UBC’s Global Affairs Canada Scholarship to deepen her ongoing PhD research on ACECoR on the topic “Women in fisheries: Contribution to food security, dietary diversity and fish pricing in coastal Ghana”. The topic fits well into the research priorities of the Fisheries Economic Research Unit at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at UBC and will use the opportunity to facilitate he PhD thesis write-up for a period of six (6) months. This Visiting International Research Students (VIRS) program is the admissions pathway to bring international students to UBC for short-term research visits supervised by UBC faculty. The program is designed  to provide the opportunity for student researchers to profit from the wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills of faculty in a specific area directly related to student’s current research in their home institutions.

Given the expertise and experience of faculty in the field of fisheries economics and resource management at the Fisheries Economics Unit and the UBC at large, it is expected that this opportunity will improve Fawzia’s analytical skills and the quality of her current and future research. We expect that the opportunity will grant her access resources for her dissertation, while strengthening ties between UCC and UBC, particularly between ACECoR and its Fisheries Economic Research Unit.


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