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A new study on coastal erosion and flooding risks in West Africa

New research at the CCM reviews coastal erosion and flooding risks and best management practices in West Africa, considering what has been done and should be done. The study examines various measures taken at different scales, mostly at the local level, to minimise the vulnerability of West African coasts to natural hazards and human interventions.

According to the study, "there is a need for capacity building, expertise and federative actions. Furthermore, the need to identify and involve not only stakeholders but also communities and scientists with multilevel inputs. All must agree on coordinated plans to achieve stakeholder objectives, using an approach adapted to the multi-spatial scale (e.g at the scale of sediment cells, integrating from the sources of sediment in river basins to their redistribution along the coast, perturbed by climate changes and anthropic stresses), so that only regional solutions are appropriate and will be effective."

The study was a research collaboration between Dr. Donatus Angnuureng, Research Fellow at the CCM, and partners from the UMI Résiliences - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Bondy, France.

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